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Who We Are

CG Entertainment is a small team of professional Sound Engineers, Lighting Designers, Electricians, and Riggers who are experts in our field. We strive to make sure every event is something that attendees will enjoy and remember at a competitive price point. Be it EDM Shows, Community Theater Productions, Corporate Presentations, Figure Skating Shows, or any other type of event our client's have in mind, our experience and expertise takes every event to the next level.

What We Do

To answer the most common question we are asked, No, we are not a rental house nor a DJ service. What we offer is as hands-on start-to-finish event production service. We can handle every aspect of the event from on-site surveys of the event location, equipment, transportation of the equpment to and from the event, crews to set up and strike the equipment, and technicians to staff the event (to run sound and light systems, we do not do event security). Our primary focus is handling the technical aspects of the event so you wont have to.

Our History

CG Entertainment was first founded in 2007 by JL Griffin under the name Club Griffin DJ Service. For the next few years the company continued to grow doing a number of different events from small basement parties to weddings to school dances. But we wanted to do more with the company.

In 2011 The name was officially changed to CG Entertainment and the company began an incremental shift into what it is today picking up new partners and expanding the team with new members, each bringing unique talent and experience to the table.

Today CG Entertainment has worked with many amazing artists, directly or indirectly, including Chance the Rapper, R. Kelly, Shaggy, Dodge & Fuski, Vaski, Bear Grillz, TrollPhace, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, OmegaMode, To Kool Chris, and many more. We have expanded to service raves, festivals, live bands, fashion shows, figure skating shows, theatrical productions, and just about anythign else our clients need.