Architainment Lighting Uplighting | Pattern Accents | Logo Projection
What Is Architainment Lighting?

In short, it is a type of event lighting that accents a room, building, or other piece of architecture. Architainment lighting is an experience for observers, breathing life into buildings and highlighting their architectural features in ways that would otherwise be lost. This can be accomplished using a variety of techniques.

» Uplighting

Uplighting is the most commonly used Architainment Lighting technique. It uses small lighting fixturess placed on the floor around the perimeter of a room or along the edges of a building to illuminate the walls from floor to ceiling with colored light. Here at CG Entertainment we use Chauvet Freedom Pars or WELL Fit Pars for wireless battery-powered uplighting, and a wide array of LED Strips or LED Par lighting for non-wireless packages.


» Pattern Accents

Pattern accents are made by projecting a gobo pattern onto the ceiling or walls of your venue to add depth, character, and ambience to the room. The most practical way to acheive this is by using the gobo wheel and prism effects in a moving head lighting fixture. The prism effect allows the gobo pattern to be duplicated over a large area and a group of moving heads in a slow movement pattern can add greatly to to this effect as well.

» Logo Projection

Logo Projection allows your Company or Event Logo to be displayed on the wall or ceiling on on the side of a building. This is done using a custom cut metal gobo with your logo which is then placed inside an Elipsoidal Par (Like a Strand/LekoLite LEKO or ETC Source Four Par Can). These are most commonly used for Corporate Events or Weddings however any event can benefit from this type of Architainment Lighting and we offer it at an affordable rate (You can even keep your gobo for future events).